Guys can join the fun too!

There's a reason women live longer, and de-stressing has to be one of them. Guys, life is stress. Here's a great way to manage it!

Men's Foot Spa

PhP 700

Men's Foot Spa with Paraffin

PhP 1,000

Men's Body Ritual

PhP 1,500

Energizing: Tension Relief Foot Spa
Relieve your aching calf muscles and tired soles starting with smoothing out your heels, shaping and detailing your nails and cuticles, then cooling off your burning calves and feet with a mask, wrapped in hot towels. A massage is followed, and finishing off with cooling foot mist. It will leave you refreshed and ready to go again.
   Cajeput. Menthol. Peppermint.

Clarifying: Intensive Callous Foot Spa
A super therapeutic treatment for calloused feet. Our spa pedicure focuses on the unique needs of men's feet with stimulating exfoliation, relaxing massage, and expert nail shaping for a comfortable tailored presentation. First we start off with a crystal soak and then a cooling dead sea salt scrub to exfoliate and smooth the skin, followed by a tension relieving dead sea mud foot masque and a pampering foot and calf massage to relieve tension and stress.
   Dead Sea Salt. Dead Sea Mud. Aloe Vera. Cocoa Butter.

Soothing: Muscular Relief Body Ritual
This energizing body treatment is designed specifically for men. Intense exfoliation using dead sea salt scrub with the refreshing powers of lemongrass oils.
   Dead Sea Salt Scrub. Lemongrass Oil. Black Pepper.